Our state is facing the most important crisis in its young history and we must re-commit to our education system, our infrastructure, and our community, and fulfill Alaska's potential.

As an activist, a community organizer, and strategic consultant, I have spent a lifetime working in difficult situations and helping bring people together to resolve community problems. 

A Justice System That Is Fair For All

At the local and national level, I’ve worked with initiatives like Reclaiming Futures, been a leader in restorative and community justice and worked with the juvenile justice systems of over thirty states and territories. Here at home I served as chair of our Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee three times and as a member for over twenty years. I know that we must ensure balance and a path back to full participation in society while ensuring the public’s safety. 

  • Chair of Alaska's Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee, and past chair of both the National Coalition for Juvenile Justice and the Western Region of the Coalition for Juvenile Justice
  • National faculty, trainer, and local executive director with Reclaiming Futures - and initiative designed to ensure communities and justice systems work together to build our offending youth into law abiding residence; locally, based in Mountain View, helping combat substance abuse and delinquency throughout Anchorage
  • Helped develop the federal criteria for addressing Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) in the juvenile justice system and chaired Anchorage's DMC initiative
  • Worked side by side with the YMCA YES program, a youth employment initiative in the 90's - funding and finding employment opportunities for youth
  • Facilitated the Mayor's Youth Crime and Anti-Gang Task Force from 2007-2009, focused on developing a safer and stronger community
  • Helped establish the Mountain View Community Coalition and Turnagain Point - helping combat crime and improve the neighborhood

An Education System That Serves All Alaskans Well

Through my work with the Coalition for Education Equity, I’ve championed Pre K and a higher base-student allocation as well as an effective public and University education system. Alaska’s children deserve an education system that performs to the highest standards, fosters critically thinking residents, and encourages our youth to live and work right here in Alaska.

With new leaders in charge, we can enact universal voluntary pre-K, give our youth opportunities to learn and stay and be successful here at home, and prepare Alaska for a post-petroleum economy.

My commitment to you:

  • Work to increase the Base Student Allocation (BSA) to recapture revenue lost in past years
  • Fight any attempts to send public funds to private schools
  • Strengthen our pre-K programs and ensure families in all of our neighborhood schools have access to early education to foster learning in the critical early years
  • Bolster the University of Alaska's research and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) opportunities, so we can train the next generation of leaders in Alaska - and keep them here

A Sustainable State Economy

We are a state with vast reserves of wealth – in terms of our human capital and our natural resources. Our economic future depends on shepherding these resources for our long-term sustainability. That means making choices that will lead us into a post-petroleum economy focused on renewable energy, strategic investments, and incubating Alaskan-grown business opportunities.

Back in the 80’s when Alaska faced a fiscal cliff, I not only had a front row seat, but, as the aide to the legislature’s Joint Committee on Economic Recovery, I tried to help solve the problem. We came up with good ideas, but leaders back then couldn’t make the difficult choices – and lingered at the edge of the cliff. Sound familiar?

Same cliff, but the stakes are even higher. Oil revenues are no longer gushing through the pipeline as they did a decade ago, when we put $15billion dollars into our savings, thanks to leaders like Senator Johnny Ellis.

We can’t sidestep the problem. This time around, we must peer over the edge, determine our path, and risk making the difficult decisions that will lead us safely away from that cliff and into the future. And with your help, and with new majorities in the State Senate and State House, we’ll have the sure-footed will and clear leadership necessary to guide us to that future.

My commitment to you:

  • Face our financial future head on. We must commit to necessary services and determine how to pay for them
  • Focus on developing technologies for renewable energy
  • Make strategic investments instead of spending public money on boondoggles that will never - and should never - be built
  • Incubate Alaskan-grown businesses by enhancing Angel Fund opportunities
  • Increase job training to prepare Alaskans for jobs of the future
  • Enact revenue options that make sense for our future - with all of us pitching in to ensure we have strong schools and a quality life that will keep the next generation of Alaskans here

My Commitment To You

Alaska’s future depends on a vibrant economy, a strong education system, and sustainable use of resources. I’ll work to ensure that future.