Tom Begich for State Senate

I love Alaska, and I love Anchorage. I was born here in 1960 and have always been a resident of the state. I first moved to the Downtown district just out of college and I’ve lived in South Addition since 2000.

I met my lovely, brilliant and accomplished wife Sarah Sledge here and together we have created our own piece of paradise in the heart of Anchorage. We have great friends, live in a vibrant community, and have devoted our lives to serving the public through action, our shared commitment to education, and our strong bond to those who live here.

I come from a family of public servants. My parents – Nick, who served in Congress and Pegge, who served as Alaska’s Democratic National Committeewoman in the ‘80s and twice challenged Don Young – imbued each of us children with the importance of public service. We have all followed in their footsteps.

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A Leader.

I have spent my professional career as a facilitator, an activist invested in the community, a committed volunteer, and a musician and writer. I’ve worked in the areas of equality, justice, and education together – because they are all linked. If we are to succeed in building a just society, we must ensure our citizens are educated, that they have equal opportunities for success, and that the political system acts as their voice. All my life I have fought for these values, and now, more than any other time, these are the values I think Alaska needs most. 




At home I read – science fiction, history (I collect old books and other odds and ends), have dinners with friends, play music, compose and write – always with an eye toward how we can build a better, more livable community.